Wait, what? Are you sure you’re clean?

9 Nov

While I agree that our government is doing an extremely unsatisfying job handling this country, but we are not helping either. Everyday I hear people talking about how crappy the government is, and they blame it for everything that is wrong with this unfortunate country. These people really piss me off, because they’re the same people who did not vote in the 2008 elections. And when you do not vote, you have no f***ing right to criticize the government. At least that’s what I believe.

And the ones who did vote, who used to shout “Jiye Bhutto!” out in the streets, are also doing the same as the people who did not vote, i.e., whine how bad the government is, when in fact, they’re again going to vote for PPP in 2013, I bet.

Then, there are the people whom I hate the most. They are highly involved in this power-theft thing. They get their children A grades in exams by bribing the BISE officials. They break the traffic laws. In short, they break every single law that they can. We call this country, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I’m afraid to admit that most of the people are in no way Islamic. We go against everything that Islam teaches us, knowing that we are wrong, but the excuse that we make is, “Har koi karta hai, to hum kyun na karen?” (When everyone’s an asshole, why not me?)

I’m proud to say that we have a few Hindus in our country, who are the most honest citizens as far as I know. They are much better than us, Muslims. We ought to learn things from them. We ought to follow the things that Islam teaches us. Islam never taught us to be dishonest and corrupt. Let us clean ourselves before criticizing the government.

(Our government sucks by the way.) 😉

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