Wall-chalking: Messing up Pakistan since 1000 B.C.

10 Nov

Alright, ignore that “1000 B.C.” part in the title. I just wanted to make the title sound cool. 😀

So I was talking about the “art” of wall-chalking in Pakistan. (Again, ignore the word “art”.) When in Pakistan, you have absolutely nothing to talk about except the politics and inflation (and PCB), except a few good things like Aisam-ul-Haq. But what really dominates our discussions most of the time is politics. This country is so much politically unstable that politics has its influence over almost everything you can imagine. Even right now, my dad is watching a TV show about politics.

Wall-chalking is nothing new to us, Pakistanis. It’s impossible that you drive your car for 5 minutes and do not notice any writing on the walls. Almost all of it is politics-related. The jerks don’t leave any wall unaffected. And believe me, the government doesn’t give a flying fuck about what is written on the walls. Wall-chalking has zero potential to bring a political change, but the jerks just don’t understand and keep messing up the cities.

Here’s a few examples of wall-chalking (for teh lulz!):

One Response to “Wall-chalking: Messing up Pakistan since 1000 B.C.”

  1. sanaa khalid November 11, 2010 at 3:37 PM #

    Good job boy! Let’s paint the street red…lovers destroy the old heritage sites and advertiser’s the public walls. Such is our homeland! A certain TV channel known as ATV has started advertising their channel on walls by spray painting beautiful pictures…still it doesn’t make it right!

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