The day I ‘smoked’ sheesha

21 Feb

Although I’m just another teenager living a miserable life (that’s not true!), but I, too, have rules. One of them is that I have decided not to smoke, drink or do anything creepy until I’m totally dependent on myself, because I don’t want to spend my father’s money on what he prohibits me to do. This certainly doesn’t mean that I plan to get addicted to all this extremely harmful stuff, but one has to try everything once in a while, I believe. In fact, I have never found cigarettes, alcohol or sheesha interesting.

But this Saturday, I broke this rule of mine, and I already regret doing so. I was in Karachi, staying at my cousin’s (he’s one of my best friends) home. It was his birthday and we were just fooling around, with nothing interesting to do. So, my cousin had an idea.

Let’s go smoke Sheesha!“, suggested my cousin.

I immediately agreed, don’t know why. The Sheesha café wasn’t far from his house. We used local transport to get there.

The café from inside was the awesome-est place I have ever been to. It was all dark, lit up with dim red lights, guys playing guitar and singing and smoking sheeshas. We ordered a Gum Mint flavoured sheesha. (Inside, I felt pretty bad for breaking my rule and doing something that my dad strongly opposes.)

So, our sheesha was finally on the table. To my surprise (and everyone sitting around), I couldn’t freaking inhale from it. I figured it when I opened my mouth to exhale the smoke and nothing came out. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to figure how to smoke the god damned sheesha. But I just couldn’t do it for some reason, and I returned home with my cousin laughing at me. 😀

But let’s look at the bright side. I’m still clean. Yay! I didn’t smoke sheesha!

The bad: I let my (dad’s) money go to waste.

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