4 reasons why I’m supporting India for World Cup

2 Apr

The final of the ICC World Cup 2011 is just about to start. Being a ‘normal’ Pakistani, you would expect me to support Sri Lanka since most Pakistanis consider Indians as their enemies. But here I am, cheering for India, because I don’t really care about all the wars that were fought between us, for I didn’t even exist back then. India is as much a normal country to me as Sri Lanka is. Of course, I wouldn’t care if Sri Lanka wins, but before you Pakistanis start calling me a traitor, let me specify a few reasons why I’m supporting India.

1. To Piss Off My Friends

I never miss an opportunity to piss off my friends, or anyone, for that matter. Almost all of my family, my friends are on Sri Lanka’s side. And you know what, Pakistanis actually get pissed off when another Pakistani defends/supports India in some matter. They say things like, “Why the heck are you defending our enemies?”, and “Are you a freakin’ traitor or what?”

Another reason why Pakistanis do not want India to get the cup is that they’re jealous. India and Pakistan, both have won one World Cup each in the past, in 1983 and 1992 respectively. Pakistanis do not want the Indians to get ahead of them, so expect a lot of crying and ranting if India wins.

2. We Are The Same People, From Different Countries

Yes. Pakistanis and Indians are the same people; the only exception is they belong to different countries. Since Pakistan was a part of India before 1947, my ancestors were also Indians. So I should, like, automatically, be obliged to support India. Our history has almost nothing to do with Sri Lanka, as far as I can remember. No wonder we have better diplomatic relations with the Sri Lankans, but with Indians, we have an entire history of over gazillion years.

3. I Know More About India

Well, I don’t really have as much knowledge about Sri Lanka, that I have about India. We watch Indian movies, we listen to Indian music, we jerk off to their actresses (okay, that’s not true for me at least), we watch their TV channels, we let our stars perform in Bollywood, our cricket players marry Indian tennis players; what more could one ask for? In all these instances, we’re a lot more closer to India, then why build a hatred for them when it comes to sports?

4. Message of Peace

It’s high time we make peace with India. We just can’t let our nations go crazy on each other just because the interests of our politicians do not match. In fact, I already have made a few friends from India on the internet (and I have none from Sri Lanka).

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