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Running After Perfection

12 May

Every sane human being knows that perfection is just a ‘fantasy’. Even a perfectionist would agree that it is unachievable in most of the cases. Yet we run after it all the time. Admit it or not, our mentalities are pretty similar in a lot of ways, as in, we consider ourselves as the ‘best role model’ for others to follow. Most of the time, it’s nearly impossible to see your mistakes the same way as you point out the mistakes made by others.

I believe that I am the perfect human being. Of course it’s a retarded belief, but I can’t help it. I can see all my imperfections, yet they do not stop me from loving myself.

It is our imperfections that define what we really are, because it’s usually normal for people to judge you by your ‘negative’ side. As for me, I am not talkative at all, and my sense of humour sucks, but I’m beautiful this way. Got a problem?

No? Good.

Despite being aware of all our negative sides, we keep running after perfection. But let me tell you why perfection really is unachievable. (WARNING: Read at your own risk.)

We (or the stupid ones among us) tend to blame the God for all the wrong reasons; “Oh God! Why did you do this to me?”, “Dear God, you never listen!”, etc. This explains that we all secretly have a belief that even God has His imperfections. So the question is, if you hold the nerve to point out God’s imperfections, how can you expect a mortal like yourself to become perfect?

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