Ramadan Special: The Mufti Effect

2 Aug

As soon as the news of the holy month of Ramzan (Ramadan for Arabic-speakers) start kicking in, everyone starts coming up with their own philosophies regarding how to keep your patience while fasting. On the other side, some insane people like me start to notice the shortcomings and humourous sides of people’s behaviour during the entire month (while munching a 10-rupee Kit Kat).

One of the most amazing aspects of the month of Ramzan is that it creates dramatically awkward changes in everyone’s psychology. One of them is called The Mufti Effect. (Actually, I have just named it this way because it sounds cool.)

The Mufti Effect

What exactly is The Mufti Effect? To put it in simple words, it’s basically bullshit. The greatest but most unknown characteristic of human psychology is that one can ACTUALLY believe anything he/she wants to believe. That’s when The Mufti Effect kicks in.

At the time of Sehr, people try to eat as much as possible so that they face least amount of weakness and/or hunger during the fast, but from the inside, they know it’s useless. As soon as the local Mullah/Mufti (I prefer the word Mufti) announces the closing of Sehr time, people automatically start getting thirsty, so they gulp in loads of water but in the end, The Mufti Effect dominates and they have nothing to do but give up.

The Mufti’s announcement somewhat forces people to believe that their stomach is an endless cave and a trillion miles deep well. It’s basically only the fear of starvation which gets woken up further by the Mufti, hence The Mufti Effect.


One Response to “Ramadan Special: The Mufti Effect”

  1. Saf August 6, 2011 at 2:52 PM #

    hmm, I heard this yesterday in the Kutbah, over indulgence in food is simply a waste, since that is not what the Sunnah of Ramadan actually is.

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