But Then Again, No!

21 Dec
"Strictly speaking, I took an arrow to the knee."

"Strictly speaking, I took an arrow to the knee."

When it comes to Pakistani politics, I have never been able to form an opinion that I can be assertive about. The promises. The boisterous speeches. The rallies. The dogmatic claims. The critics. The analysts. But the critics mostly. This massive cloud of uncertainty leads me nowhere. Who is the most credible? Who is the most candid? Who is duplicitous? Then there are those wannabe-critics who come up with the words ‘cynic’ and ‘troll’ for others when they can’t support their position with sound logic. Indecisiveness is a word which accurately describes my mental state.

Until recently, I used to be a person without any communication skills at all. I never dared to speak a word because I believed that my opinion would be met with mocking laughter and disbelief. I didn’t have a direction to follow. I had a readiness to believe in everyone. But then I started building up a taste and an opinion that would be my own, uninfluenced by any external pressure. I developed my own tastes in music, poetry, prose, cars and food, to name a few, but never did I form a truly independent opinion about politics.

The fact that the commentators on Pakistani politics enjoy so much support relies upon the theory that this country’s rulers will never grow up, which is backed by a history of more than 64 years. The military coups. The injustices. The prejudiced dictators. The alienation of East and West. The corrupt democratic rulers. The endless blame-games. The growing sensationalism in media. The plethora of adamant self-proclaimed ‘independent analysts’ writing articles for internet-based newspapers.

Everyone has an opinion; no one knows what’s it worth. Everyone has a problem; no one has a solution. Everyone has followers; no one has a direction. Will I ever reach a conclusion?

2 Responses to “But Then Again, No!”

  1. SaFire December 23, 2011 at 2:32 PM #

    For the sake of this country, i sure hope so.

  2. Shaikh Saif December 25, 2011 at 9:27 PM #

    We can reach a solution if we become determined to change ourselves.

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