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Equal Reaction

14 Jan

Anger with itself brings many adversities; though hard to notice at first, the unanticipated effects divulge themselves as soon as the anger begins to abate. For any normal person, it can be very challenging not to react when attacked verbally. That’s where anger management comes in, which I’m pretty bad at.

How dare you speak loud to me? I can open my mouth this much!

How dare you speak loud to me? I can open my mouth this much!

In all these years, I have grown apathetic to most of the negative remarks I have to face on a daily basis, for I know that any kind of reaction only invites further growth in the intensity of the argument. However, I sometimes find myself completely uncontrollable, and yet I continue to react unwillingly. This reaction gives birth to a negative energy which can be very difficult to endure.

In a desperate effort to control my anger in future, I am going to lay down a few rules for myself, so that whenever I begin to lose myself, I can recall them to defuse my emotions.

1. Isaac Newton was a liar. Every action doesn’t necessarily have to trigger an equal reaction.

2. Reaction only exacerbates the situation. It never helps to bring the argument to a conclusion.

3. The adversary only wants to smoke rage into you, so that you automatically invalidate your argument by letting your emotions interfere.

4. Remember the last time you felt this angry. It was the only cause of alienation between you and the other party.

5. They sell a really good Shawarma in the neighbourhood. You might want to try it out.

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