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The Visible

28 Apr

This Tree that God has planted;
Its complexity, only He understands,
For I can only perceive the visible

For I, a man of tumbling faith
With a mind largely flawed,
Can’t even see the invisible
Or nurture this Tree He’s planted.


Summer is being excessively shy and has been playing hide and seek for quite a while now. She uncovers her eyes every now and then, but is too reluctant to take that veil off her face. Is she not beautiful any longer, or is she afraid of getting her skin tanned? She must have spent a lot of time applying those fancy skin fairness creams during the time her friend Winter took care of the office for her. Well, to be frank, it’s not really an office job, more of a field job.

I must be cautious of Summer’s behaviour this year, though. I, for one, won’t be taking her reluctance as a positive sign, because she can uncover her rage and fury at any time. They say people look beautiful until you hear them speak. As far as Summer is concerned, I would say that she looks absolutely stunning as long as she speaks, but when she screams…. Oh Lord, I’m falling short of words.

But then again, her temper, though excessively hot, may not be in her own hands. Maybe the circumstances make her look like that. We can only see the visible, after all.


Two Steps Back

16 Apr

Yesterday, I was the society. Today, I am the victim. Tomorrow, I will be society again. The blame game will go on and on until I decide which of the either sides I enjoy being on.

When I am the victim, I get vocal about the social injustices the society puts me through. I go through a thousand torturous feelings that make a mess of my self-esteem. So I seek revenge. I seek revenge without knowing it myself. The most ironic thing about being a part of the society is that I just sit back and point out its flaws, which also happen to exist in me, and again, without my knowledge.

So why is it that I am an exceptionally accurate judge of the society’s predictable behaviour, but am completely indifferent to my own flaws?

“Are we cool, or are we not cool?” Asked Societorous.
“Only until you entertain me,” answered Sherlock Victolmes.

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