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Short Rant #1

27 Nov

Change hits you hard. At first, there is anxiety, uneasiness, pain. You spend a few nights crying on your own shoulder. Then you start getting used to it. You realize the intensity of it. The pain is not fatal but it is there to stay.


The Room for Improvement

11 Nov

All the voices unheard come to life when the winters arrive. The nights are as quiet as they are loud. There are no generators running because the power almost never goes out. No ceiling fans or ACs. No, sir! But the chirping of crickets, yes. The sound of footsteps being taken in the other room, yes. The sound of laptop keys being stricken in another, yes. There’s no hiding.

There’s no shame in being noticed, and believe me, I don’t mean to persuade you into never locking your bathroom door. You should always lock it, otherwise you’ll end up having your life’s most awkward moment, keeping Murphy’s Law in mind. I have had a few of them, with me not always being on the victim’s end. Bathroom/toilet doors should be designed in a way that one shouldn’t be able to close them without locking them, and it doesn’t involve any rocket science anyway.

I would end the post with this. It is said that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. However, one must not say that to his wife when she serves him food she has cooked.

Still not big enough.

Still not big enough.

(The current series of random posts is a way to bring myself back into the writing habit. Kindly bear with me.)


6 Nov

When I was a little kid, I always wondered what people meant from ‘recognizing themselves’, and why was there a need to do so. I didn’t learn how to recognize myself, but I know for sure that I fight myself more often than not, and to put an end to this endless war within me, I think the time has come that I start recognizing myself, and that I acknowledge the fact that my brain is my primary consultant, not my innumerable whims.

If constantly dreaming and doing nothing about one’s dreams was a crime, I would as well be in jail right now. And then I would get an extra sentence for dreaming about escaping from the prison and doing nothing about it. An infinite loop.

I have been noticing that truth, when heard without any impurities, sounds harsh to me for some reason.

Anyway, the words that I wish to write are escaping my mind currently. This blog shall be revived soon.

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