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No Excuses

28 Dec

I use the university shuttle service to travel between home and campus. On my way home, I’m always so tired that I involuntarily fall asleep in the bus, no matter how hard I try to stay awake. Today, I managed to stay awake for a longer duration than usual (though I almost always eventually give in) and had an opportunity to observe my surroundings.

It was time for the Maghrib prayer. Only one guy prayed in the bus.

I felt ashamed, not only for hardly ever turning towards God but also judging the guy’s faith from his looks earlier on.


Forever and Beyond

15 Dec

Aqeel steps into a small café called ‘Forever and Beyond’ in Viennabad downtown and orders a light meal. He is not accompanied by anyone tonight. Just him and his silence. A silence so loud that it’s ripping himself apart. Though he doesn’t remember the last time he was peaceful inside, but he knows the matters have never been worse. He maintains his composure. His inner jukebox keeps playing Behind Blue Eyes on repeat.

“Why does it keep me down when I have more reasons to be happy?” he asks himself.

For hours, he keeps sitting in the café until he realizes he’s out of toothpicks. He pays the bill and steps out of the café.

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