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The Prettiest Rose – 2

27 Jan

Dear Motu,

It has taken me a long time to figure out what repelled you from me, that how could something that started so beautifully end up like it never meant anything to you. I asked myself questions that no one could answer, only to realize that the questions themselves were wrong. In the end, I got all my explanations not by words, but by experience. And now I realize how exceedingly generous of a person you are. You tolerated me for months and never let me even get a clue about how much of hell I had been putting you through.

What are you? An angel? For I cannot imagine having such a big heart as yours; not even half of it.

Now I know, that the reason I was hurt wasn’t you. It was my indifference towards you. I had built a fortress of which I never stepped out until its foundations couldn’t bear the burden of my selfishness and my fake pride any longer.

Now I know why walking away was the best option for you.

And I also know that I want to be your friend forever, and bring my children to your house so that they can play with yours, while we chat over a cup of coffee, made using the same recipe that you taught me. I hope your future husband doesn’t mind that. I’ll kick him in the balls if he does.


The Story Your Parents Don’t Want You To Read

16 Jan

Iqra was notorious for being the most dangerously curious kid in town, someone in whose presence other children would also be persuaded to do things like trying to cut the power connection to their neighbour’s house. Sami’s parents, who were among that league of parents absolutely annoyed by Iqra’s mischiefs, always made sure their kid didn’t hang out with her. Little did they know that refraining their child from something was only going to increase his curiosity.

It was a pleasant afternoon and the students of *Baconhouse Elementary were on their way home on the school bus. The mountainous landscape looked as beautiful as ever while the bus travelled on the narrow road at the height of about 150 meters.

“Sami, can I borrow your Science book for a day?” Sami heard an unexpected voice from behind. It was Iqra.
“My mom told me not to talk to you because you’re bad company,” replied Sami harshly.
“She just thinks you can’t be as daring as I am,” said the mischievous girl in a persuasive tone.
“Oh I am definitely much more daring than you are!” His aggression started gathering the attention of other children in the bus.
“Prove it! Go bite the driver’s arm really hard!”

Sami didn’t know what was coming his way but he was not going to back off. He had to prove his superiority over the silly girl. Within the next 5 minutes, everyone on the bus died a tragic death.

*Beaconhouse was intentionally misspelled here
Click here to read the bus driver’s last words.

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