The Prettiest Rose – 2

27 Jan

Dear Motu,

It has taken me a long time to figure out what repelled you from me, that how could something that started so beautifully end up like it never meant anything to you. I asked myself questions that no one could answer, only to realize that the questions themselves were wrong. In the end, I got all my explanations not by words, but by experience. And now I realize how exceedingly generous of a person you are. You tolerated me for months and never let me even get a clue about how much of hell I had been putting you through.

What are you? An angel? For I cannot imagine having such a big heart as yours; not even half of it.

Now I know, that the reason I was hurt wasn’t you. It was my indifference towards you. I had built a fortress of which I never stepped out until its foundations couldn’t bear the burden of my selfishness and my fake pride any longer.

Now I know why walking away was the best option for you.

And I also know that I want to be your friend forever, and bring my children to your house so that they can play with yours, while we chat over a cup of coffee, made using the same recipe that you taught me. I hope your future husband doesn’t mind that. I’ll kick him in the balls if he does.


One Response to “The Prettiest Rose – 2”

  1. Maria Yousuf January 31, 2013 at 3:31 AM #

    do i know who… maybe…either way, lovely ;’) …

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