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Lies, Lies, Lies

22 Feb

So why do you say you’re over her
When every midnight unleashes rainfall
When every song reminds you of a winter

If you really believe in what you say
Then why do you say you’re over her?


The Finest Wine

7 Feb

I wish I could tell you that things have been happening exactly according to what you said in your forecast. I wish I could tell you that moving on was just a matter of time, that life is as bright as ever, that my energies are no longer wasted in trying to figure out ways to reunite, that the intricacies of life are not really hard for me to keep up with. I wish I could tell you all that you want to listen, and satisfy you, and free you of a burden that you still somewhat carry.

You see, the thing is, once you taste the finest wine, all the others seem to be inferior. You don’t want to compare because the comparison doesn’t exist. You don’t want to forget. You don’t want to let go. You go so far as to say that you want its ownership rights. I have never touched a bottle of wine, and probably never will, but I’m sure it must be like that.

I never needed to be loved, I have learned. I’ve been told that I am being loved but my insides don’t show the least bit of enthusiasm, for it is not infinite love and attention I desire, contrary to what we both once thought. I desire simple things. A sweet smile. A friendly gesture. A kind word.

I never knew it would affect me so much losing a friend. A best friend I unluckily fell in love with. We never learn, do we?

I Didn’t Have to Fall for You

2 Feb

I didn’t have to fall for you
Could have waited for the breeze to settle
Could have been on the outlook for logic
Could have acclimatized myself to the skies
Could have paused my upbeat cries
I didn’t have to fall for you


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