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The Labyrinth

25 Jun

I think you know what I want to hear. Those three magic words that will let me out of this labyrinth the same way I entered it. I am back.

This blog has always been the place where I let it all out, and I think it always will be. All the times when I’ve had secrets I couldn’t keep within myself, the feelings people aroused within me, the emotional longings, the occasional poetic moods… this blog has been my friend, a quiet listener, a mute limbless bastard. This is the one bar I can’t shut down. You did your part by getting rid of me already.

I think you know that what I actually want to hear are not just those three magic words. They’re not enough to recover what has been lost. But I’m too afraid to be explicit. I’m afraid I’ll even lose the tiniest of luxuries that I enjoy right now. Loss, I’ve already had too much of it.

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