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Playing Along

11 May

For ages, I wondered why –
The spring doesn’t last
When in full bloom the flowers are,
Why does the time never pause

But then I wondered why –
You changed faster than the seasons;
We all move on someday, but,
I couldn’t fathom all the reasons

Tonight, I ask myself why –
I never played along with the Nature




8 May

When we are consumed by self-righteousness, we are somewhat blindfolded. Willingly blindfolded. We know the truth is out there, but we can’t seem to get hold of it, or don’t want to. We consider it our religious duty to construct our own version of the truth, or only believe in our side of the story. In other words, we simply love to mask the reality without ever realizing what we’re up to.

Get rid of that blindfold, old friend. Get rid of that bullshit.

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