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Olper’s debunks myths regarding packaged milk

6 Oct

In Pakistan, we are all used to hearing all sorts of negative things about packaged milk. For example, packaged milk is not actually milk but a mixture of detergent and milk powder, or that there are dangerous chemicals in the processing of packaged milk. Some people have gone so far that they filed petitions in the High Court asking for a ban on all packaged milk products. All these petitions were dismissed by the court. But the general public is still not convinced. So what is the reality behind packaged milk, and where does this milk actually come from?

This Saturday, Olper’s took bloggers from Lahore on a journey called #SachKaSafar in which they took us to their different facilities, debunking all the myths about packaged milk.

Where does the milk come from?

Our first stop was a small village near Sahiwal, where Olper’s has a milk collection center. The local farmers deliver fresh milk everyday to the milk collection center. Different tests are performed on every supplier’s milk to make sure that it is safe for consumption. Olper’s has more than 1500 such facilities in different parts of the country. The employees there are fully trained about safety and hygiene standards.

All the milk is kept in chillers to make sure it doesn’t get spoiled. It is then transferred to a facility called the Area Office. Olper’s has 24 such facilities all over Pakistan, which make sure that the collected milk from surrounding Milk Collection Centers meets the highest of standards before it is passed on for processing. At the Area Office, 24 different tests are performed on the milk to ensure that it is safe for consumption. If the milk doesn’t pass anyone of these tests, then it is rejected and disposed off.

Bloggers at the Area Office

This all looked too good to be true to most of us though. Because we still had hundreds of questions in our minds about the final product that is sold to the customers. Everybody knows that natural milk produces cream when it is boiled, but packaged milk produces no cream upon boiling. Also, there’s no way milk can stay fresh for 3 months in packages that are not even refrigerated. What is done during the processing of the milk that changes its natural behaviour?

We asked all these questions when we reached the Olper’s milk processing plant in Sahiwal, which was the final destination of our #SachKaSafar. Not only did our hosts encourage all these questions, but they also explained all the process in depth, leaving no doubt about the high standards that are followed by Olper’s.

Olper's Milk Processing Plant in Sahiwal

Olper’s Milk Processing Plant in Sahiwal

I’ll try answering some of these questions here.

Boiling loose milk kills all the bacteria in it. So why should we buy packaged milk?

In our kitchens, we boil the milk at very high temperatures. It certainly kills the bacteria. But this process also deprives us of many essential vitamins and nutrients. At Olper’s facility, the milk undergoes a process called UHT, in which the milk is heated at around 140°C for 2 seconds, after which it is cooled. This process kills all the bacteria in the milk but also maintains the essential vitamins and nutrients. Packaged milk sold all over the world goes through this process.

What happens to the cream in the milk?

When we boil milk at home, it forms cream at the surface. But that is not the case with packaged milk. This is because packaged milk products like Olper’s are homogenized, which means that the milk is processed in such a way that all its particles become the same size, giving it a consistent and smooth texture. Homogenization ensures that every gulp of milk is full of richness.

How does the milk stay fresh for 3 months?

The milk is packed in Tetra Pak, which has 7 layers of packaging. This ensures that the milk stays fresh and free from bacteria even when it is not refrigerated.

In conclusion, I can only say that Olper’s milk is completely safe for consumption and probably the best in market. If you too are sick of your doodhwala mixing too much water in your milk, then Olper’s milk is the best choice out there.

#djuiceMMF gives new life to Lahore!

7 May

30th of April, 2016 is a date that the youth of Lahore will remember for a long time, for on this fine Saturday evening, hundreds of Lahoris gathered just to basically have some fun.

Yes, this is about the much talked about event called the djuice Mango Musik Festival. djuice Pakistan is a telco brand that focuses on the empowerment of youth and provides them with exciting new entertainment and lifestyle opportunities. One such initiative by djuice Pakistan was the djuice Mango Musik Festival.


The one of its kind musical night featured well known DJs from Germany and Pakistan. Matthias Meyer, Luna City Express and Jesse Maverick flew in exclusively to bring some life to the party. The local talent included Fawad Khan, Bilal Brohi, Faisal Baig, Talha Humayun and Fuzzy Nocturnal.

The massive projection display, which was home to the DJs, was one of the highlights of the event. It surely looked like an event that could take place in any part of the world without changing anything. There is no denying that the dance floors, the VIP lounges and the security were top class.


The djuice Mango Musik Festival was the union of technology, music and the digital lifestyle. There were large SMD screens all around that displayed tweets posted by the crowd with the hashtag #djuiceMMF. Moreover, there was free djuice internet for everyone at the venue, which allowed people to share updates on social media in real time.

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The fireworks during the DJs’ performances were a plus. These performances were followed by an air show with planes giving out giveaways. It seemed like there was no end to this amazing night.

The festival started around 8PM but went to go on till 8AM, which is the first of its kind in Pakistan. The passion and energy of the audience came as a pleasant surprise and indicated that the event was a massive success.

A Letter From Heaven

19 Feb

Hey brother!

It’s me, JJ. I hope this letter finds you well.

I am writing to you out of sheer boredom. After you guys left the graveyard (read: turned your backs on me), I naturally assumed that a cobra would appear out of nowhere and proceed to kill me (again), but I was all alone down there. I waited and waited long for things to get exciting, but nothing happened. I thought maybe they didn’t dig the grave deep enough, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. After a few months of digging, I saw a strange light. When I tried to touch it, I fell into some sort of a portal. Wheee!

Anyway, I later found myself in a warehouse with loads of women. Then an angel appeared and greeted me.

“Welcome to the Heaven, my friend! As promised, here are your 72 virgins.”
“Wow! So it was not a myth,” I replied ecstatically.
“Certainly not! Now, ummm… you must choose which one of these you’d like to take home with you,” said the angel in a nervous tone.
“I know. I’m sorry. That’s the way it has to be.”

I was kind of disappointed. No one ever told me about this. But at least I was getting SOMETHING. So I picked the most beautiful one out of all the women.

“Good choice! We call this one Marilyn,” said the angel.
“Oye hoye!”
“Marilyn, do you accept this man’s proposal?”
“Wait, does she have a say in this?” I asked, surprised.
“Of course! Marilyn?”
“I’m sorry. He doesn’t look like my type,” said Marilyn.

This was not quite what I had in mind. I started to question myself. But the good news was that I still had the rest of the 71 virgins to choose from. Or at least that’s what I thought.

“Hmmm. So that didn’t go in your favour. Unfortunately, you have no more choices left. You will now be escorted to your house. Enjoy your stay!”

I protested. But they said I couldn’t challenge the laws written by the Almighty, and that I must respect the woman’s choice. Turns out these people take this feminism thing very seriously. But my neighbour, who also got rejected by a virgin, says that we have another hope. There are a lot of women in this world. It is like they rule this place. Unassigned virgins call themselves Free Agents. The idea is that if any of them desires your company, you still have a shot at getting a virgin. But it is them who must send a proposal, we the Rejects are powerless.

It has been months since I arrived here and my friend, I must confess that this place is boring as hell. All I do is eat and sleep all day. We don’t even have the internet here. And women don’t want me. I feel so little, and oppressed.

I need friends. Please die soon.



2 Sep

Potholes have an adverse effect on a traveller’s experience. They break one’s bones if the car has an awful suspension. Some coffee may be spilled on the leather seat covers if the driver is not careful. And the progress towards a smoother road is always slow because, well, potholes don’t exactly allow you to speed up. You find cursing yourself for trying to take a shortcut. It’s like being stuck in limbo.

Life’s most testing times are when you are stuck in limbo. A way out of your problems seems impossible.

Remember, as long as there is fuel, the car will keep running. However bad the road may be, it still leads you to the right destination.

There is a reason time doesn’t stop, so that you keep moving on.

Haal-e-Dil: “I Will Return, Will Not Betray”

15 Sep

“I will return, will not betray”
‘Said my promise would not decay,
My words wouldn’t haunt me back,
My silence wouldn’t push you away

In your instincts, it was to trust
‘Knew your feelings wouldn’t rust
Didn’t you realize, people forget?
Did you forget, life isn’t just?


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