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12 Mar

Sometimes, our mental capacity is not enough to realise the profundity behind God’s decisions. The present looks so bleak, that the future becomes incomprehensible to this human brain. And time, be it the past or the future, has always been a mystery to me and to you. Why do we feel the need to take decisions anyway? Why, all of a sudden, are we compelled to choose a path that is not ours? Why even, out of thin air, do we let ourselves build such paths? Untimely decisions, my friend, are what we regret the most as the consequences continue to grow on us. But untimely feelings… what about those? I say that this charlatan named Fate is playing a game with us. I say that we’re taking this game too seriously.

I made a decision last night. I know you did too. But by the time it was morning, I did not remember what I had decided before falling asleep, neither did it matter. It doesn’t matter. We can enjoy life as long as Fate doesn’t change its course. But you and I… we know that it’s going to change its course, for we can foresee where it is going. Fate isn’t that cunning after all, but it has played its part and will succeed in doing what we fear the most.

But then again, our mental capacity is not enough to realise the profundity behind God’s decisions. We can foresee the fate, but the fate and the future are two different things. We cannot foresee the future. How can we foresee the future when even the past is blurry? I believe in God, and you do too. We might not be close to Him, but He is close to us. So if things do not get better in a couple of years, they will in the next couple of years.


Let’s Agree To Disagree

1 Dec

More often than not, I find myself in a position where giving in doesn’t seem like a feasible option. I’m in a constant fight with my subconscious, and if I were to accede to it, not only I would find myself in trouble, but I’d also be losing my credibility. What’s this idea floating in my mind that keeps my opinion shuffling?

Wait, wait, wait. Ideas look like bulbs?

Wait, wait, wait. Ideas look like bulbs?

I start expecting from people before I even get to know them. I feel attached to them and want all their attention. That’s where the subconscious intrudes, and whispers, “Good work! Time to make the next move.” No…. no, no, no, no, no. NO!

“Hello, subconscious! Why don’t you go back to hell?”
“Is your body a disguise for this hell?” 
“I think I’ve had enough of this ‘experience’ now.”
“You can’t bury your feelings for life.”
“I’m giving it a shot, and it’s working.” 
“Being hypocritical, aren’t we?”

I need to stick it outside the house, so that the neighbours know we don't have any free tomatoes.

I need to stick it outside the house, so that the neighbours know we don't have any free tomatoes.

At this point, I stop arguing. Then again, at some point during the midnight, the river flows in multiple directions. Everything goes back to normal until the dawn. The subconscious quietly watches, and pities the situation. Let’s just agree to disagree, it says.

The Significance of Decision Making

17 Aug

Life is like a one-way street where you can’t take any u-turns, or like a pencil without an eraser. Every decision you make and every path you take, profoundly affects not only your future, but also the lives of the ones around you. Most of the times, we end up making quick decisions that almost always bring out a negative side of us, causing regret and great amount of stress. Sometimes, we make wrong decisions because of our dependency for decision-making on people who fail to understand our actual situation, for example, our life’s most crucial decisions mostly rely upon our parents’ wishes.

But mom, I don't think I'm ready for marriage yet.

But mom, I don't think I'm ready for marriage yet. (Photo credit: Arvind Balaraman)

There’s no point in living a life in which you do not make your own decisions. Letting others decide things for us is a very unhealthy exercise. And in a country like Pakistan (or any other Asian country for that matter), deciding something for your career without consulting the elders is considered a sin, even when the elders mostly end up ruining our lives because they wanted us to be doctors, engineers or architects.

“But dad, I’ll do better if I go for accounting.”
“Oh, you little! You know nothing about these things. You must go for engineering if you want a good career.”

And that’s when we lose ourselves. Our purpose to live a life truly based on our own choices immediately goes to waste when we choose a path that is not ours; a path we never pondered upon. That’s when we live a life where one would kill for a chance to turn back time and make the right decisions.

“Are you applying to AMC?”
“No, my mom won’t allow me to go so far away just for education. My best bet is Karachi.”

You know you are in trouble when your parents put a limit over your career choices. Pakistani moms often have this insecurity that if they send their children too far for education, they will end up getting into drugs and alcohol, or get kidnapped for ransom. Actually, most Pakistani moms can’t help their negative assumptions. Sometimes, they also have superstitions.

“My brother took dentistry and he died shortly after. I won’t let my child get into dentistry too.”

This is what makes me sick about Asian parents. I’m fortunate enough to have parents who don’t take decisions that are mine to make.

Apart from typical Asian parents, another drawback of our society is that we think mullahs are some kind of heavenly creatures who can never be wrong. For us, a mullah is above law and order, and every word he utters becomes a golden word for us. “Because Maulvi Sahab said so” is becoming a widely used answer to all the religious (and sometimes even non-religious) arguments. I don’t mean to spread hate, but these are the same mullahs whom mosques are powered by stolen electricity. Country’s law doesn’t mean anything to them; the only law that they care about is their modified form of Islam. Many of us consult mullahs when we are in trouble, because we think they can give us the right guidance.

Maulvi Sahab told me that viagra is a shortcut to hell, so I rather grew a beard. Sexy, ain't it?

Maulvi Sahab told me that viagra is a shortcut to hell, so I rather grew a beard. Sexy, ain't it?

What I want to point out here, is that we should learn to make decisions by ourselves, not base them over others’ wishes. The day you start thinking by yourself instead of asking others to think for you, you realize the real capability of a human brain. And even if you make wrong decisions, you won’t have anyone to blame, and eventually, you’ll learn to focus on your needs, instead of your wants. Take advices from everyone, but don’t let them overcome you. Being dependent on others earns you nothing but regret. You were born to be independent, and you are living this life to make this independence survive, for as long as you can.

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