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4 May

My friend tells me that life is not a question of ‘what if’; it rather is about ‘now what’. In a world of status and honour, I probably wouldn’t agree with the idea. Those high profile corporates always live by the rule of ‘what if’. But I live with a frame of mind that doesn’t understand these worldly concepts of future-planning and whatnot. I live in a world that revolves around me all the time, and anything that doesn’t involve me is irrelevant.

But my friend who tells me of these long-abandoned ideas, reminds me that living the present is the way to spend time. But ‘me’ is a word that’s hard to forget, and harder to avoid.

My complacency keeps me from buying ideas that might sink my desires down the priority list. But then again, I don’t have a priority list; perhaps I have never noticed one in that tiny closet that houses secrets weighing thousands of tons. I will take time discovering my own closet, because everything doesn’t fall out of it when the doors open; even the known secrets have to be pulled out with scores of strength.

Strength, my friend, is what one requires to have enough faith in God to be able to move away from what-ifs, and it’s a shame I do not possess that much strength yet. My mother dearest says that negation of oneself is where the true acceptance of God’s existence begins. Will I be able to negate myself?



12 Mar

Sometimes, our mental capacity is not enough to realise the profundity behind God’s decisions. The present looks so bleak, that the future becomes incomprehensible to this human brain. And time, be it the past or the future, has always been a mystery to me and to you. Why do we feel the need to take decisions anyway? Why, all of a sudden, are we compelled to choose a path that is not ours? Why even, out of thin air, do we let ourselves build such paths? Untimely decisions, my friend, are what we regret the most as the consequences continue to grow on us. But untimely feelings… what about those? I say that this charlatan named Fate is playing a game with us. I say that we’re taking this game too seriously.

I made a decision last night. I know you did too. But by the time it was morning, I did not remember what I had decided before falling asleep, neither did it matter. It doesn’t matter. We can enjoy life as long as Fate doesn’t change its course. But you and I… we know that it’s going to change its course, for we can foresee where it is going. Fate isn’t that cunning after all, but it has played its part and will succeed in doing what we fear the most.

But then again, our mental capacity is not enough to realise the profundity behind God’s decisions. We can foresee the fate, but the fate and the future are two different things. We cannot foresee the future. How can we foresee the future when even the past is blurry? I believe in God, and you do too. We might not be close to Him, but He is close to us. So if things do not get better in a couple of years, they will in the next couple of years.

Atheism: A religion in itself?

1 Aug

An atheist is a person who simply denies the existence of God. Even in a country like Pakistan where a vast majority of the population is highly religiously conservative, atheism continues to slowly grow. In societies like these, most of the atheists decide to remain closeted because their lives would largely be at risk if they publicly announce their beliefs. However, in developed societies, such as Europe, being an atheist is usual practice now-a-days.

Atheism, in general, doesn’t sound objectionable but there always is an inevitable drawback of every belief, culture, society, or anything for that matter. In a normal society, you will find doctors, architects, lawyers, bankers, writers and many worthwhile personalities, but you will also find thieves, robbers, critics, pedophiles, sexists, etc. Similarly, there are a lot of atheists who will try their best to give you a headache, or according to them, try to bring you to the ‘right path’. In this post, I have tried to explain different kinds of atheists and their behaviour, based on what I have been observing lately.

Textbook Atheists – “I don’t believe in the existence of a god.”

The pure form of atheism, in my opinion, is when a person only minds one’s own business. “I don’t believe in a god, but I won’t force you to do the same.” Some of these atheists are closeted; others would openly express their views, but none of them would try to shove their belief down your throat. Even if they argue, they would try their best not to break the ethical barriers. These are the respectable people; the sort of people I would more than happily befriend. (P.s. I do have some atheist friends.)

‘Extremist’ Atheists – “There is no god! You just can’t prove it.”

Basically, atheism is NOT a religion, but some atheists treat it as one, without even realizing it. Most of them cross the ethical limits and clearly start insulting other faiths; some would do so to try to change your mind and turn you into an atheist too, others, only to ‘piss you off’ because you are a ‘bloody conservative’. They run after ‘logic’ so much, they don’t even realize they’ve broken their own logical boundaries. I call them extremists because just like the religious extremists, they are doing no good to humanity, only destroying it. Not to forget that they mostly spend their time surfing the internet, polluting websites like Reddit with their ‘pick up lines’ and anti-religious ‘comics’ that they take entire nights to figure out. Such type of atheism is totally unacceptable and should be strongly discouraged by every sane human being.

Running After Perfection

12 May

Every sane human being knows that perfection is just a ‘fantasy’. Even a perfectionist would agree that it is unachievable in most of the cases. Yet we run after it all the time. Admit it or not, our mentalities are pretty similar in a lot of ways, as in, we consider ourselves as the ‘best role model’ for others to follow. Most of the time, it’s nearly impossible to see your mistakes the same way as you point out the mistakes made by others.

I believe that I am the perfect human being. Of course it’s a retarded belief, but I can’t help it. I can see all my imperfections, yet they do not stop me from loving myself.

It is our imperfections that define what we really are, because it’s usually normal for people to judge you by your ‘negative’ side. As for me, I am not talkative at all, and my sense of humour sucks, but I’m beautiful this way. Got a problem?

No? Good.

Despite being aware of all our negative sides, we keep running after perfection. But let me tell you why perfection really is unachievable. (WARNING: Read at your own risk.)

We (or the stupid ones among us) tend to blame the God for all the wrong reasons; “Oh God! Why did you do this to me?”, “Dear God, you never listen!”, etc. This explains that we all secretly have a belief that even God has His imperfections. So the question is, if you hold the nerve to point out God’s imperfections, how can you expect a mortal like yourself to become perfect?

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