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Haal-e-Dil: “I Will Return, Will Not Betray”

15 Sep

“I will return, will not betray”
‘Said my promise would not decay,
My words wouldn’t haunt me back,
My silence wouldn’t push you away

In your instincts, it was to trust
‘Knew your feelings wouldn’t rust
Didn’t you realize, people forget?
Did you forget, life isn’t just?



I Didn’t Have to Fall for You

2 Feb

I didn’t have to fall for you
Could have waited for the breeze to settle
Could have been on the outlook for logic
Could have acclimatized myself to the skies
Could have paused my upbeat cries
I didn’t have to fall for you


The Prettiest Rose

1 Aug

The prettiest rose of my garden,
The cynosure of all activity,
The one that lives an eternity;
The strength, the weakness, of all that surrounds;
A sisterly friend of all that’s found;
The prettiest rose of my garden.


It’s That Time of the Year Again

28 Feb

All was regained, all was lost
Of all that was held, everything was said
Mistakes avoided, mistakes repeated
Mind defeated, soul defeated

It must be that time of the year again.


Fame = 1/365.25

9 Dec

Temporal life, unmeasured joy
Then why cling to The Stranded
It may have been a better day
Had we not parted

Unapologetic, intransigent
Unmoved by words, unmoved by tears
Yet, emotionally inconsistent
Moved by all the worldly fears

Yearning for significance
You may have now departed
But it may have been a better day
Had we not parted
It may have been a better day
Had we not parted


Oh Freddie, I know how delicious the cake is!

Oh Freddie, I know how delicious the cake is!

Although the ‘birthday fame’ lasts only for a day, it’s been only 2 hours yet and I already feel overwhelmed. Everyone I know (and do not know) is pretending to be my friend today. People I’ve met, people I haven’t met, people I’ll never meet, and people who simply want a bite of the chocolate fudge cake.

Nevertheless, I hope that this year turns out to be better.

He’s Only Seventeen

27 Nov
Brrrrr! This is a funny caption.

Brrrrr! This is a funny caption.

Twelve more days to go, and it will finally be legitimate for me to drive. Eighteen years; I have suffered more than I have gained. I have realized that the poems I write, end up making sense later on in the future. It seems as if I inadvertently predict what’s going to happen to me. I ended up converting this one into a song.

November, oh November rain!
How long have I been longing for you;
Reveal to me, new walkways
Reawaken the old pain
Notice, you did not, the plants that I planted for you

November, cold November rain!
You swept the Lost off the streets tonight
November, sweet November rain!
But you set me free in all your might
Next time, when you come by —
Speak to me, oh November rain! 


Though I’m thankful for what I have, and I don’t regret writing a poem that seems so vague, I secretly wish I didn’t have to hide my feelings behind ambiguously patterned words.

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