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Pakistan and Democracy: Not a perfect match

16 Nov

People say that democracy is the solution to all of the Pakistan’s problems. I disagree. Why? Because democracy has never worked for us. It has failed so often, that it’s rather stupid to support this system. We can’t go on like this, supporting the people whom we know will never give this country what it has been asking for since 1947. Pakistan would have been a totally different country today, had there been no racism and corruption. Thoughts like these make me give up my hopes for this country’s long-term stability, because today, all the good people have been taken over by the corrupt ones.

The truth is that we have abused the word ‘democracy’ so much, that we have totally changed it from what it was meant to be. I don’t wanna be fooled by any party’s campaign anymore. I know that people take part in elections just for a “seat” that will earn them millions (if not billions) of rupees (if not dollars) of cash. But the public gets fooled every time. It really doesn’t matter who do you vote for, because everything’s gonna be the same again when your favorite candidate wins a seat in the National Assembly or a Provincial Assembly. When a politician gets a seat, he/she does not remember his/her promises that he/she made to the general public anymore.

You certainly don’t wanna be fooled anymore. You know pretty well that all the people sitting in the Opposition are the same ones who once ruled this country, and made their contribution towards making Pakistan a more corrupt country, and those who haven’t succeeded in getting the majority of the votes yet, have made their contribution too, by spreading violence across our streets; streets that do not belong to them; streets that belong to us, the “awaam”.

So, to sum it up, democracy in Pakistan only means freedom to violently protest, and freedom to be corrupt. There’s nothing positive I see so far in this democracy.

I love Pakistan. And if I ever think of doing any damage to it, then I do not deserve to live here. And all the people, who are damaging the (already messed up) image of this country, are not Pakistanis to me, and they deserve to be drowned in the Arabian Sea. If you think that you are doing something that will do no good to this country, I beg you, to stop, before it’s too late.

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